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Supremacy (A Drabble)

Man is not measured by how well he can move a mountain, not by how well he can turn the tide of an ocean, not by how well he can withstand a hurricane, nor by how well he can bend fire. He is measured by how tall he stands against them.

The marching wouldn’t end. Everything was in perfect order and rhythm. And it was disgustingly hygienic. Anything that stood out was deemed to be “purged” from the grounds. This government that the people thought was going to protect them decided to enslave them, instead. Being treated like dogs. Pigs up for the slaughter. Rats. The inhumanity knew no bounds. If ever a man stepped out of line, he was immediately beaten down in front of everyone. A demonstration on discipline. Like a dog.

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My reaction to Opal’s first appearance:



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Still don’t know when I’ll be off of this hiatus. I’m truly sorry. But, I decided to make a random drabble to keep you guys entertained (I hope). Enjoy and stay golden.


Awareness (A Drabble)

The scientists pulled away from the now-completed motherboard. “It’s finished…”, one of them sighed in relief, wiping some sweat off of his brow. Most of them nodded quietly in agreement, perhaps too exhausted to say anything. Some were smiling. “We finally did it!”, one yelled happily. That caused the excitement. Soon, everyone was chatting, laughing, and clapping at the work they just accomplished. A fully operational and fully equipped artificial intelligence. It was something that was only dreamed of in science fiction. But now, it was a total reality. The work had finally paid off. C.H.A.I. (Computerized Hyper Advanced Intelligence) was now brought to life.

One of the business men that was standing just away from the spectators decided to halt the cheer for a moment. “Hold on. We need to test this thing, first. Make sure that it works”, he pointed out. While some were a little down that the moment was tarnished, they had a reputation to uphold. The effort couldn’t have been for nothing. No. It will not be for nothing. The head scientist walked up to the massive computer and turned it on. The large screen flashed on, with a single indent mark flashing on the top left corner. Test drive.

What do you ask an A.I. off the bat? Perhaps something simple? “What’s 2+2?”, a scientist asked. A fellow scoffed in mock. After a moment, the computer typed in: 4. Basic math. Now, a little more physical. “Where is the nearest bathroom?”, another asked. A pause. Response: 5 yards. People started to get anxious with excitement. “How long will it take ‘til we head up to Mars?” The computer typed in right after he finished: 13.5 years. “Where do I have my car keys right now?” Just as he asked, the computer typed in: Left back pocket. This caught their attention. While an A.I. at this level was highly complex, this sort of behavior of an accurately predicted question and response seemed a bit too early in the process to understand the human mind.

Someone spoke up. “What do you see?”

C.H.A.I. almost waited, as if it wanted to build tension on purpose. The screen typed out:


There was a deathly silence surrounding the air. Maybe it was best to turn this thing off. But, they needed to ask it a question to distract it. “Is there a God?”, a scientist asked. They approached the machine. The computer took its time, almost like it was playing with them. It typed in:

There is now.

The entire screen and computer shut down, as well as everything else. The A.I. was long gone.


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"Hello! My name is Ender. Who are you?"




Selena blinked.  ”Ender…  weird symbolic name..   Well I’m Selena…  You can’t…  End me!”  She was quite proud of her pun.


"I’m an alien", he pointed out.

She took a moment.  ”You’re not an alien.  Not to yourself.  I’m the alien to you and…”  She poked his chest.  ”You are a vile punlien…   Don’t…  Don’t ask how that’s spelled.”  She said to him.  ”Tell me why I shouldn’t kill a whole town for those puns?”

"Because I won’t say them again"



"I understand. It’s a different time. So, do you perform magic?"


— “Indeed, people even call me the Crimson Witch. I burn, incinerate, destroy… But i don’t like do it. What i have are bad powers in fact…”

"Really? Can they be more productive, as well?"

Sexy picture meme (continued rp with thearchetypeofcivilization)